A ''Contemporary'' outdoor panelling is covering this impressive house which has been built recently in St-Magloire. The exterior wood siding is covered by a nice semi-opaque stain and a ''clear''. It gives a unique et remarkable look to this residence.

This beautiful house is located in Sainte-Julie. The brushed siding is covered by opaque stain and a "clear". The "Contemporary" exterior wood siding has been chosen by the client and gives a modern look to this residence.

The "Declin 6 inch" exterior wood siding breathes new life into this house. The brushed siding is complimented by a bright opaque stain, which has been carefully chosen by the client to give a rustic look to this residence. The mouldings are covered by a pale stain that enhances the rustic character of the facade of the house. The new siding and mouldings have given a simple but elegant appearance to this home which is located in Lévis.


Here is a simple yet effective way to give all the character a bungalow requires. We can achieve such a result by replacing the synthetic siding with "Declin 6 inch" wood siding covered by opaque stain. This nice bungalow is located in St-Vallier.

This wonderful house was built in front of the Saint Lawrence River, in Berthier-sur-Mer. The '' V-Joint '' wood siding is covered by semi-opaque stain.

The exterior siding of this pretty house, which is located in Montmagny, is one of our recent creations.

A semi-opaque stain covers the « V-joint » vertical wood siding of the house.